In transforming students into the leaders of tomorrow, we recognize the importance of fostering critical reasoning and creativity in this generation- starting today. The Entrepreneurship Leadership Accelerator (ELA) program provides opportunities for students to learn and exercise critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, creativity, and communication.

ELA is an intensive two (2) week  boot camp that successfully leverages individual strengths while maximizing the leadership potential in every student. The goal of the program is to foster excellence by creating the next generation of leaders who will have an entrepreneurial mindset.

We are seeking top students who are intellectually curious and inspired to learn, those who embrace challenges and harbor the courage to make a difference.

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Taught by a Harvard and MIT professor, our classes offer hands-on participation with unconventional lectures that require active participation. ELA provides the tools for students to be able to practice critical thinking and problem solving while exercising their communications skills. Unlike other summer programs, the Entrepreneurship Leadership Accelerator requires students to think about the integrity in their actions and decisions, and the obligations they have culturally, ethically, and environmentally. In addition, they will be discussing domestic and international issues and be challenged to propose unique and unconventional solutions for highly complex social problems experienced on a global level.


Workshops feature sessions on critical thinking, personal branding, and public speaking. They are designed to identify personal strengths and individual leadership styles while developing the student communications skills.

 They will participate in mock interviews and presentation simulations to learn about the power of body language, and how to present their ideas to various audiences. 

Site Visits & extra curricular Activities

The program fosters learning outside the classroom providing students of various backgrounds the ability to see how culture and history influence the American economy. 

During the program, participants will visit non-profit organizations and startups created by students from Harvard, as well as influential organizations located in the Greater Boston. For entertainment, they will go to music concerts, eat at local restaurants, and enjoy the Boston harbor! Students will make connections for life while exploring the culturally rich and fun places of Boston.

At ELA, we encourage our students to become more. The program fosters excellence by creating the next leading generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders. We are seeking top students who are intellectually curious and inspired to learn. Students who embrace challenges and have the courage to make a difference. If that sounds like you, or someone you know, contact us for an application today at

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