Mentor Position


Designed Education is hiring undergraduate and graduate students to work with international students this summer and mentor them along the program they will be pursuing.

We are looking for Mentors who have a passion for working with international students and want to impact their lives by sharing their experiences and inspiring them for the future. 

Please submit your application to

Some of the Job responsibilities:

  • Review everything that the students learn during the day, and prepare for next day’s activities

  • Assist students in the preparation of their final project mentoring them along the process 

  • Keep students engaged in each activity asking for their opinion, giving them advice, assisting them with any questions, and asking challenging questions to ensure learning

  • Discuss with your group about the site visits (e.g.; Lab, workshop and historical visits) summarizing them in the end and asking questions to students to ensure they learned from the experience. Mentors must ensure that his/her group is participating in these visits and learning from them during the whole program

  • Be a leader and warrant that the group is always togetherand interacting with each other

  • Motivate, empower and encourage students to be their best

  • Be ready to learn alongside our students being a good listener


  • Undergraduate or graduate student at top colleges in the U.S.

  • Know how to motivate students through conversations and sharing of experiences

  • Ability to work in collaboration with other mentors and program directors

  • Ability to be always on time and direct his/her group in a timely manner

  • Leadership experience preferred

  • Previous experience working with young students preferred, but not required

You can apply to work during one and/or both sessions

All Mentors will have to go through acriminal background check including CORI& SORI

Please submit your application to